Weekend Watch Guide: Oct. 9-11

Jeff Griffith (@Jeff_Griffith21)

October 9, 2020

Our sports utopia is beginning to wind down; we’re at the tail end of the NBA Finals, WNBA and NHL are in the books, and MLB’s about to be down to just four teams.

Even so, deciding what to focus on this weekend is still going to be a tall order, and a multi-screen set up is still probably going to be your friend. As such, we’re going to do our best to help you plan out your weekend viewing.

All times listed are in Eastern Time.


7:10 PM ET — New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Game 5: I must admit, MLB’s Division Series round was pretty underwhelming. There weren’t many close games, and only one series went the distance. It’s this one. These two teams don’t like each other, and have already posted a combined 42 runs in four games, so I’d expect this to be an entertaining winner-take-all game, even though the first four contests have been decided by an average of four runs apiece.

9:00 PM ET — Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5: If I’m a betting man, this is the end of the line for the Bubble — and what a great ride it’s been. I’m admittedly disappointed to see such a fun Bubble experience end on a gentleman’s sweep, but LeBron, Anthony Davis and company are just that good, and that much more polished than the Heat. Miami is set up for a bright future, but LeBron’s getting his fourth ring, and he’s getting tonight.


12:00 PM ET — No. 4 Florida vs. No. 21 Texas A&M: Nope, I’m not picking the Red River Rivalry for this slot. Why? The Big 12 stinks. That game is going to be exciting, sure, but I just don’t consider either of those teams worth watching in the big picture. On the flip side, Florida has the chance to compete for a playoff spot, and this is their first true test, in one of the nation’s tougher places to play, against an Aggies squad desperate for a bounce-back. Give me Kyle Trask and company by a score, but more than anything I’m excited to see just how good Florida can be in 2020.

Also worth watching in the Noon ET slot: Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina and Texas vs. Okahoma

3:30 PM ET — No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 14 Tennessee: I’m still not sure I completely buy the Georgia hype. Yes, their defense has been stout, only holding Auburn to six points last week, but the Tigers’ offense has yet to show me much; it took them until the fourth quarter to eclipse 20 against a Kentucky team that just allowed 42 to Ole Miss. Tennessee can be sneaky, but UGA still probably wins. I guess my question is, by how much? I’m still waiting to be enamored with this Bulldogs team.

7:30 PM ET — No. 7 Miami vs. No. 1 Clemson: To me, this is another one of those “how good are you really?” games. And that goes for both teams. I think Clemson will run away this one — I just don’t believe in Miami and have yet to see anything from them that screams “contender” — but I’m just as curious to see how good the Tigers are as I am the ‘Canes. Clemson has looked good but not quite dominant. It’s a weird season, so they get a pass, but I’m waiting on pins and needles to see what Clemson can really do this year.


1:00 PM ET — Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs: I know, this probably won’t be a close game, but for the second week in a row. The early Sunday slot kind of stinks. Bengals-Ravens? Rams-Washington? Eagles-Steelers? Cardinals-Jets? Yikes. This is the only matchup of two teams who are .500 or better, and I do find it intriguing. The Raiders have been more successful than I expected so far this season, and this is kind of their litmus test. Plus, I’ll never pass up a chance to watch Mahomes and company ball out.

4:25 PM ET — Indianapolis Colts vs. Cleveland Browns: Here’s a wild fact for you — this is the only matchup of teams with winning records on Sunday, and it’s one of just three all week. Both teams are 3-1, and if we’re being honest, I think most people see them as still needing to prove their record. I’d bet on the Colts by a hair — I just love that defense — but this one should be a fun toss-up.

ALCS Game 1 is set to be played Sunday, and most of the country will be likely rooting for the winner of Friday’s Rays-Yankees game. The time for this one has yet to be scheduled, but it’s worth the watch. Assuming it’s a primetime game, I’d probably pick it over this week’s Sunday Night Football game, Vikings-Seahawks, in a vacuum.

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