Weekend Watch Guide: October 2-4

Jeff Griffith (@Jeff_Griffith21)

October 2, 2020

For the time being, we’re locked in a sports utopia.

There are literally six major professional sports leagues playing right now, with college football to boot. Three of those leagues are in the playoffs.

Deciding what to focus on is going to be a tall order; a multi-screen set up is probably going to be your friend. As such, we’re going to do our best to help you plan out your weekend viewing.

All times listed are in Eastern Time.


2:00 PM ET — Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs, Game 2: The Marlins have never lost a playoff series. This team was supposed to stink this year. And they’re up 1-0 in Chicago. That’s all the reason you need to spend your Friday afternoon on ESPN.

7:00 PM ET — St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres, Game 3: Game 2 of this series wild. St. Louis opened up a 6-2 lead, then San Diego scored the next seven runs and went on to win 11-9. The Padres are arguably the most entertaining team in the sport — spoken from a casual fan — so I’d recommend this one, for sure.

9:00 PM ET — Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Game 2: It’s the NBA Finals, so it’s hard not to include this one. Only thing is, I don’t know how good of a game I expect it to be. I do think the Heat will put up a fight in this series, but Game 1 was a clinic on the part of LeBron and company. If Miami’s going to make some noise, Friday night will be the night to do it, so this game will likely make or break the rest of what appears to be somewhat of a lobsided series.


The clinching game of that Marlins-Cubs series, if necessary, would be played Saturday at 3:30 PM ET. Otherwise, Saturday’s all about college football. The full watch list:

12:00 PM ET — No. 3 Florida vs. South Carolina: Florida’s offense is a blast, and the Gators pair of Kyles — QB Trask and tight end Pitts — are a big reason why. I don’t expect much from the Gamecocks in Gainesville, but your other noon-window options are Pittsburgh-NC State, Tennessee-Missouri, and TCU-Texas.

3:30 PM ET — No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 13 Texas A&M: Kellen Mond vs. Mac Jones. Enough said. I see the Tide taking this one by 10-14 points, as they always seem to do against the SEC’s competitive-but-not-elite tier, but this one should be prime entertaining SEC Football.

7:00 PM ET — No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 4 Georgia: Okay, this is the best game of the season to date, so here’s the basics. J.T. Daniels is getting his first start at Georgia now that Jamie Newman has opted out. The ‘Dawgs struggled last week, but ultimately pulled away from Arkansas. Auburn didn’t look great either in a 29-13 win over Kentucky, but the Tigers are a fellow Top 10 for a reason. One of these teams is going to prove that last week’s concerns are legitimate, and the other should cement itself in the tier of Playoff contender. This is a must-watch.


1:00 PM ET — Minnesota Vikings vs. Houston Texans: How are both of these teams 0-3? I really think there’s some solid talent on these rosters, but one of these teams will leave this game in an almost impossible hole. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see either of these teams make the playoffs when the season started, but it’s hard to really see either making it now. At 1-3, though, it’s possible, so this game, I’d say, has some high stakes.

3:00 PM ET — Las Vegas Aces vs. Seattle Storm, Game 2: This should be a great WNBA Finals series. I would have mentioned Game 1 (Friday at 7:00), but I had to be pick between that and Padres-Cardinals, so I went with the series finale. But this series should be a blast, between two talented teams that are both red-hot. The Aces have the league’s MVP in stat-machine A’ja Wilson, but Breanna Stewart, Jewell Lloyd and company were consistently the most successful team in the league throughout the 2020 season, and while Las Vegas struggled to be No. 7 Seed Connecticut in the Semifinal round, Seattle swept a solid Minnesota Lynx team. Here’s the thing, though — the Aces won both of the head-to-head matchups with Seattle this season, by a total of just 10 points.

4:25 PM ET — New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs: I don’t know if I expect New England to be able to keep up with Kansas City, but I kind of love this matchup. The Patriots showed in Week 2 that they can put up points — albeit, that was against the current worst statistical defense in football — and I think this will be a good gauge of just how true that is. All in all, watching Belichick try to coach against Patrick Mahomes will be the highlight of this game, for me.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d recommend this Sunday Night Football matchup. It should be pretty ugly. Luckily, NBA Finals Game 3 is that night, so flipping between the two would be my recommendation.

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